2023-2024 Presentation Schedule

All meetings will be held at Riverton Music, Jordan Landing, at 10:15 am

September 19 

Benefits of Membership
Jordan River Chapter Panel Discussion

Teacher Discussion: Who Are We?
Let’s get to know each other! 

October 17 

Music Teacher Mental Health

Ariel Haubner

Teacher Discussion: The Holidays: What Do You Do in Your Studio?

This time of year is so important—and hectic—for teachers and students. 

Let’s share what we do in our studios to acknowledge this time of year (or work around it). And what about gifts for students? 

November 21

 Strategies for Solid Music Performance from Memory

Lezlee Bishop

Teacher Discussion: State Conference Takeaways

Come and share your own highlights from the weekend of learning!  

December 19

Conducting Workshop 

Marshall McDonald

Teacher Discussion: New Year's Resolutions
What have you noticed that you want to do to change and/or improve your studio experience? 

January 16

Accompanying - A Collaborative Art

Lois Matthews

Teacher Discussion: Serve Through Music

What are ways you can engage your studio in service to the community? 

Where are your favorite venues to have your students serve and share? 

February 20

Validate and Illuminate - The Foundations of Good Judging

Juliet Preston

Teacher Discussion: YouTube: Thorn in Your Side or Enhancement to Music Education?
You may have students who use YouTube to find contemporary pieces to play. 

They are presented both in notation and also in a “learn by ear” approach. What do you think? Is it a useful tool? How?  

March 19

Debunking the Creativity Myth

Barbara Gill

Teacher Discussion: Doing It All

There are so many areas of music education—Theory, Ear Training, Technique, Performance practice, etc., etc., etc. 

How do you fit it all in? 

April 16

Beginning/Intermediate Level Master Class

Debra Gamero

Teacher Discussion: Teenagers. Need We Say More?
Teenagers. For so many, they hit a real bump in the road when they reach this age in their music lessons. 

How do you keep their interest and their attention? 

May 21

Teacher Recital and Luncheon 

Teacher Discussion: Successful Year Starters
Summer is coming (YAY!), but now is the time to think about how to start off the fall with a bang. 

What do you do to pique your students’ interest at the beginning of the school year?