2020-2021 Highlights

September/October Spotlight: JULIE SMITH

For September, we will be highlighting long-time Jordan River Chapter member, Julie Smith. Julie recently completed her NCTM designation! Congrats to Julie! 6 months prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, Julie also became the organist for the Sterling Singers! Here is a little more about Julie, in her own words:

Name: Julie Smith

Favorite Composer: Chopin

Where have you lived: Utah and Italy

How long have you been teaching: 33 years

What made me smile recently: Watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies and Granny. (Long story behind why I was watching it)

What skill should everyone learn? If it's not a musical skill, they should learn to be a good listener so we can better understand each other. If it's a musical skill, it's to understand rhythm and follow it in the score and sight read.

What's the coolest thing you are working on now? Going through the music in the new Federation Bulletin and choosing which pieces I like best. There are some fabulous pieces in MD3 and Difficult 1 level.

Certification Questions: I always need a project of some kind to work on. Helps me to stretch myself, not to get too comfortable, be able to expand my horizons and not stay in my own little safe zone. The benefits to me personally are what I mentioned in the previous sentence. It really helped me with my writing skills as I haven't done anything like that for some time. That has spilled over now into my writing that I do now, even something as simple as typing out an email has better sentence structure and grammar. The things I did for certification helped me think about how I could do things to better teach concepts to students. The projects helped me concentrate my attention to areas where I could improve my way of helping students learn and I found strengths and things I have already been doing that are beneficial to students and myself.

One of the benefits of practicing and performing is it turns me into a student. I think of the ways I practice and what helps me. I think of the ways to explain that to my students so they can have more practice skills. I want them to be successful and anything I can do to help them with that helps them increase their skills and love of music.